I am LVNA an artist from Los Angeles living in Hollywood. My focus is film, music, merchandise and creating the content to support them.
My passion is Storytelling and Songwriting I express them both audibly and visually. Together they are an integral part of my creative landscape. I am hands-on with everything I do, from photography to graphic design to music production and product design.
I draw my inspirations from life’s turbulent toils and compress them into a tangible release. An art form that requires mastery and provides me with air to breathe and gives me great focus. I strive to create balance and I pull from both the dark and the light.
I am currently working towards mastering the following software: Ableton Live, Cinema 4D / Octane, After Effects / Element 3D and the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite
All the products in my store are my own original artwork. Whether you buy a t-shirt or a sticker, all proceeds go towards the growth of my craft.

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